Think Long Term and Dance!

Good Morning!
I've recently been struggling with knee pain and other tendon issues in my leg and i've really had to go back to the drawing board. One thing thats really hard is not jumping or dunking. It's especially hard for me because i love to make videos of dunk sessions AND those videos do the best on YouTube for me.
I have to thing LONG TERM! if i sacrifice some views and get my body right, in the long term i'll be able to jump higher than ever. It's very easy to rationalize having a light jumping day or go to a low rim but its definitely not the best option. 
What I've come to realize is a great question to ask yourself is, what would I be doing right now if no one was watching or if no one will see? That usually leads to an answer thats most beneficial to who you are as your true self!
This can also be see outside of just dunking. If im in the gym, sometimes im doing a workout to look good in the moment or showoff but its not what my body needs. Even in another example, if the gym was empty and i had all this energy and my music blasting in my ears.. I'D BE DANCING!!
Even tho im not very good at it i still enjoy moving!! So i push myself to dance around in the gym at any time (going back to yesterday's message of zero fucks) i definitely feel happier when im able to overcome external forces that hold me back
LASTLY, i also learn that i really wish i could learn how to really dance. so i've started watching tutorials on youtube and thats been another endeavor im really enjoying making progress on.
So in conclusion, dance like nobody's watching.... yes the same old saying but hopefully it'll have a little more meaning now. 
With Love, 

Feel free to share with anyone who needs some extra motivation!

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