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"I highly recommend working with Steven. He has helped me understand what I truly want out of life and find aspects of myself that were holding me back. He’s very easy to talk and I can feel that he genuinely cares about helping others find happiness."

Peter Botros


"STEVEN MY GUY!!!! Just landed my first dunk. Just wanted to thank you personally, your energy has kept me inspired and going hard these past few years. Also thanks for all the tips you've given me as well 💪🏼"



"I will keep pushing myself, you've really inspired me man, really appreciate all the work you do to help everyone commit to there dreams and conquer them, God bless"



"Steven is passionate about helping others and is an outstanding listener. It’s more than his empathy and ability to focus on someone else. He stays up to date with the latest scientific research on mind/body topics such as nutrition, exercise, meditation and many other areas of science that can generate an immediate positive result."

Ralph Peters


"You are literally motivation personified"


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I had no self belief. It wasn't possible. Something inside made me go for it. Then I became something I never knew existed

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