Jump Starter Pack!

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Get 2 Week program + Dunk Life Basics Training Basics Book!


My Proven WAY TO

JUMP HIGHER in 2 weeks!

Wonder why most athletes won't jump their highest? Because they don't know the proper way to activate their muscles and listen to their body.


With Jump Starter You'll Learn:

  • Workouts to increase explosiveness and acceleration: Even if you've been stuck at the same vertical for months.
  • ​The single most important thing to do before a jump session. 
  • "The Active Recovery Method" that must be utilized in order to ensure the best jump day possible. Unfortunately, most people overlook this.
  • ​​The common workout mistake that is holding back gains.
  • The #1 worst mistake you can make when training to jump


I created this for people who want to learn how to jump higher and do it fast

The Jump Primer helps you understand the workouts needed to get the most out of your current strength level and use your full potential

A lot of people talk about wanting to jump higher


The information out there mostly talks about sets and reps.

So I thought to myself, “What do the most ambitious athletes need to know to make consistent progress?”

I realized through my own experience it's much more than following a program, it's a lifestyle

Otherwise you get into a spiral of random events with no data and have too many variables to make any type of change.




If you’re an athlete, you need to understand your body and mind so you can give it the proper stimulus to adapt

  1. MINDSET - Mindset is #1 because every single action starts with a thought. You have to know why you're doing something and how it affects you.
  2. RECOVERY - Recovery is #2 because all of the work is for nothing if your body can't recover and perform
  3. PERFORMANCE -Performance is #3 because this is the easy part. We all want to go hard and you need to give everything 100% effort!


My guarantee to you is that implementing these habits will make a SIGNIFICANT difference in your life. I know when you take action, you’ll get results.

These are the same principles I have followed day in and day out for the last 7 years that have enabled me to jump my highest, build my body and mind and not to mention live my dream life as a full time content creator