Subconscious Interactions, Share your Goals

Steven Celi

How is your life filling your brain? We know most of our actions are a result of our subconscious so we should be aware of everything it interacts with. Is the majority of what you fill your brain with helping you evolve? Or is it causing you to move away from your goals? Take the challenge of sharing your life goals with the people you spend the most time with. Ask them what theirs are and take note of how this conversation makes you feel. What emotions bubble up? Do you get a feeling in your gut of comfort or...

10 Hour Flight? Destination Matters

Steven Celi

Monday Let's get it! Would you take a 10 flight just to land back where you started? That;'s how I see going through life without knowing the big picture. What are you working towards? Knowing where you're headed makes the journey much more enjoyable and easier to navigate. Having constant awareness of my "why" fills me with energy to make progress. I stay on my path no matter what gets in my way because that destination is too appealing. What's your destination? Start working towards what it takes to get there!

Friday Fire!

Steven Celi

Tags be yourself, inspiration, motivation, passion, progress

The weekend gives me 2 days back to back to use my energy when and where I want. That's a huge goal for me as I learn how I work best. I feel very aligned with what I value you most which is helping others be themselves and find their uniqueness. My experience of life has been elevated and it's making everything I do, more productive, more fulfilling and simply more fun! Have a great weekend and start defining what success means to you. Start with tiny baby steps and build momentum that will turn that spark into a huge...

Compound Effect

Steven Celi

Every little decision you make will lead to a radical difference in your life. All you need is time and consistency. If you choose a tiny healthy habit over self sabotage, over time there will be a significant difference. A classic 4 point swing Check out this graph from a new book I just started "Compound Effect" By Dan Hardy

Start Now!

Steven Celi

Today's message is a 2 minute recording I hope you enjoy!