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Journaling: What I've Learned📝 For me, my mind races non stop. My enthusiasm for wanting to make the most out of every day is hard to turn off. I've been learning about a nightly routine is very beneficial in regulating good sleep. One of the practices I've been working on is journaling. The problem I was having was mixing my to-do list with my general thoughts and creative ideas. After speaking with a life coach myself in my training program, I learned about the importance of writing on paper and handwriting, but also about future pacing. As I've might've mentioned...

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New week always feels fresh! lets get it! I've made great progress in my life thru meditation and I just want to give a quick explanation on why I think its so beneficial for every moment of your life and achieving all your goals.  I believe that true happiness comes from pursuing what you enjoy most. That sounds easy but a lot of people i talk to don't even know what they really love about life. Theres constant external factors from the world that distract us from being our true selves. For me, when I am being my full self...

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