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The weekend gives me 2 days back to back to use my energy when and where I want. That's a huge goal for me as I learn how I work best. I feel very aligned with what I value you most which is helping others be themselves and find their uniqueness. My experience of life has been elevated and it's making everything I do, more productive, more fulfilling and simply more fun! Have a great weekend and start defining what success means to you. Start with tiny baby steps and build momentum that will turn that spark into a huge...

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Build motivation by chunking things into tiny tiny pieces. Getting started is the hardest part so completing that tiny fraction of the goal will build that MOMENTUM! Take any task today that requires and just do the very first step, no matter how small. Take that tiny will and build on it! Just get started! 🏃🏼‍♂️💨 Enjoy your day! Steven Celi @StevenCeliCoaching Be the Energy! Spread the Love! Subscribe!  Free Life Coaching Consultation

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