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The weekend gives me 2 days back to back to use my energy when and where I want. That's a huge goal for me as I learn how I work best. I feel very aligned with what I value you most which is helping others be themselves and find their uniqueness. My experience of life has been elevated and it's making everything I do, more productive, more fulfilling and simply more fun! Have a great weekend and start defining what success means to you. Start with tiny baby steps and build momentum that will turn that spark into a huge...

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New week always feels fresh! lets get it! I've made great progress in my life thru meditation and I just want to give a quick explanation on why I think its so beneficial for every moment of your life and achieving all your goals.  I believe that true happiness comes from pursuing what you enjoy most. That sounds easy but a lot of people i talk to don't even know what they really love about life. Theres constant external factors from the world that distract us from being our true selves. For me, when I am being my full self...

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