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"I am so grateful for Steve. He has helped me to overcome my limiting talks, and we just had a one-hour experience, but it was enough. It was so great that in just one hour we found and we got the deepest. Point of the problem. So I am just so happy. I just going to say that I am. So grateful and thank you so much. Steve. You are a great person. And I hope all of you can experience this conversation because they are completely worth it. Thank you so much, much love."



"Steve, For the past 8 months I was in hell. My world came collapsing in on me and I couldn't find a way out - i needed help. The same problems I had my whole life were amplified and I legitimately didn't see a way out. This was extremely frightening and everyday i walked around with sadness. I've been following you for years. First, for the basketball and now, for the energy. I would watch your videos and tell the girl i was watching with "This is what i wanted to do on YouTube". You inspired me because you did what I thought was impossible for myself. All i had to do was be open and you showed me the way. Just 24 hours ago I overcame a mental/emotional struggle that i've never been able to manage in my life. It was the same feeling that plagued my relationships and I had no idea how to fix it. It was one of the most profound experiences i've ever had - and you guided me through it step by step. If you hadn't answered my texts with Love, Support and Guidance I would not have had that breakthrough. You helped me break the cycle. Also - you were available. You were ready in that moment to help me - when I needed you the most. That's rare to find in people and for me it was a miracle. I owe you a huge debt. You've provided me so much value - my life has been massively improved from our time. Thank you Steve - please keep growing and helping more people the way you've helped me. And you deserve a celebration!!!! I'm your supporter for life! Sincerely, -Nick"



 "When I did my sessions with him, You could tell he really cared about me, really wanted me to succeed was very excited about getting me to manifest, and we celebrated my manifestations which happened, very magically! So, if you're looking for more magic, more energy in your life, I definitely recommend Steven Celi. He's got the magic, he's got the Mojo and they'll help you do the same and manifest what you want. It's not always about what you want. I give it 5 out 5, 10 out of 10, 11 out of 11 to Steven Celi "

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